Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This blog will be co-authored by myself, TheSnarkKnight (BecomingMachine for my friends in the community), and my close circle of personal friends. I'm going to change my reality. I'm going to become what it is that I have always desired to be. My approach isn't necessarily novel, but the results are proven. Follow me on my journey through:

Reading the Great Works of Philosophy

I've always had a great interest in philosophy. For those who are curious, interest simply means an aptitude, talent, or desire that has gone totally unharnessed. No more. I'm going to read, analyze, and internalize the 50 greatest works of philosophy, and dissect and review them here on the blog for your voyeuristic and vicarious pleasure.

Become the Physical Manifestation of my Inner Self

I seek to become strong "on the outside" to reflect my inner strength and determination to my goals. Many philosophers believe that unhappiness is caused by "incongruence" between the aspects of the self. I'm not weak, I'm not ugly. But I am powerful. I am capable. I am adaptive. I will wear this on my sleeve.

100 Approaches

Many of us suffer from this totally irrational fear of talking to random strangers. I am the most outwardly extroverted, always-on person you have ever met. However, and this might apply to you as well, I'm rarely honest about my intentions, especially with women. Fuck that! During the next two weeks, my last in Berlin, I will openly and boldly approach 100 women, making no attempt to hide my intentions. I want to sleep with women. I want to have fun. I want to answer to no one. Which brings me to...

25 Bangs

This goal is actually a race between me and the co-author of this blog. In order to overcome the needy and attachment-driven mindset I've confined myself to, I am going to bed 25 women in the next year. I want to bed Nerds, Religious Girls, Bar Sluts, Cheerleaders, etc. Quality is important to me but quantity is imperative. I've developed attachment to several selfish, unworthy individuals in my life simply due to a naive and immature outlook and a lacking view of who I am and what I'm worth. Breadth of experience is the only cure to my ailment.


This goal will not be encompassed in the scope of this blog. But during the daytime, I am an engineer... In my dreams I'm a rapper. Who gives a fuck how anyone feels about my dreams and my aspirations? They're only stupid if they continue to float around in my head without being ACTED upon. I'm going to produce a mixtape of original content and release it for the world to have, whether it wants it or not.

I will be me. I will steel myself for the coming storm. I will steal myself.

The Awakening

This is Jack's awakened consciousness.

steel yourself;
verb brace yourself, make up your mind, grit your teeth, fortify yourself, harden yourself I was steeling myself to call round when Simon arrived.
I'm sure you're clever enough to dissect the attempt at witticism in the title of this blog. Let me ask you, when you woke up this morning, were you the best version of yourself? If you were offered everything you claim you want, right this minute, would you take it? I don't think so. Luckily for you, NO ONE is going to make you that offer. In fact, there's a great host of parasites out there who want to take your dreams from you. They're out there right now, sleeping with your future wife. Driving your car. Living your fantasy. And they feel entitled to it.

And you're not one fucking IOTA better than the whole host of them. The name of the parasite? Humanity. We're all one. We all feel entitled to whatever it is we happen to desire in a given moment. Desire truly is the root of all suffering, but suffering is what we crave most of all. If it wasn't, why would you continue to lust in vain for these things you'll never attain? If SUFFERING isn't EXACTLY what you CRAVED and thought you DESERVED, then why are you reading a self improvement blog?


The good news? You can beat "them" to the punch. These limits you find yourself confined in today are entirely of your own making. Your fear of rejection? You created it. Your dreams? You've willfully made the decision to wallow in your current situation every time you fail to take a risk because you're scared of the consequences. What is the worst case scenario, should you fail? If you're honest with yourself, you could probably figure it out by only looking around yourself.

Take what you desire. There exists only two kinds of people in the whole human race; the one sitting still in his proper place, and the one with his foot in the other one's place. Are you a dick, or are you a swallower?

Steal Yourself. Before someone else does.